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We are excited to announce that DRG has an ECO beta server up and running!

In this survival game, you aren't the only one that you have to keep alive. As you build harvest and take resources from the environment, your actions will affect the world around you. Thus, as a community, you must analyze data from the environment on the impact you have on the world. Use this this data as evidence to propose laws, restricting harmful activities without disrupting the advancement of technology. Balance is key!

Then, to keep everyone on their toes, there is a meteor that is threatening to smash into and change your world completely! Can you get our of the stone age in time to stop it without ruining the resources on the planet? That's what we will find out together! Come join us!


Search: dadsrulegaming

password: drgislove




This server is in beta: server restarts, configuration changes and possible world wipes are possible. Make sure your are connected to our Discord for the most up to date announcements regarding the server. 

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