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Who is emttim?

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Well, hello there! My name is Timothy, but you can call me emttim. I am one of the founders of Dads Rule Gaming. This began with the realization that though there are many gaming communities out there, there was none that was created to be a kid-friendly, game space whose goal was to give peace of mind to parents that someone was monitoring their children's interactions while also putting power back into the hands of parents to watch over and regulate their children's gaming time.

Gaming has been apart of my life now for over a decade. But beyond gaming (In Real Life, or IRL, as its referred) I am a husband, father and paramedic. After an injury brought my paramedic career to an early halt, I want back to college and now, among many things, do physical threat assessment and safety consulting. Creating environments where safety allows others to blossom with their lives is a passion on mine. I believe that safety is the bedrock of liberating the mind to work at its full potential. 

When growing up, the internet was just starting to take off. I remember my folks bringing home our first computer. The first game I ever played was Willie the Worm. Gaming communities weren't really a thing yet - neither were many websites - and chat rooms were the scariest frontier a parent didn't want their child going near. After all, I was home schooled, as my parents wanted to have a greater hand in my growing years. And I have to say, they did a pretty good job. (I mean, just look at me. ;-) ) But the caution that guided me parents had ramifications. Good things that could have happened didn't due not finding places where they could monitor the situation. Now that the digital age has matured, that is possible now, and we at Dads Rule Gaming want to give the parents the tools to monitor their children's interactions. 


Between myself and Paronity, we look forward to meeting new people and learning how to improve on our vision of opening up gaming for the next generation. 

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