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  1. Mav’s gaming setup

    Nice look'n set up!! Love them light up keyboards. Yeah, I got my GPU right before the price went up. :whew:
  2. Another server!

    Two in one day? Why not! We have another server to announce! That's right we have a PvP ARK server! Go tame some dinos!
  3. ARK Server

    DRG is pleased to announce an ARK server is up and running! We are running the The Island Map with a few plugin that we are expecting to make a great part of game play in the coming weeks. This server is a PvP server! So play accordingly. CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH SERVER! Server: dadsrulegaming.com Password: drgislove
  4. New server!!

    We are please to announce that we have a new serve up in beta for testing! We would love for you to check it out and give us feedback! What would you like to see on here? Any mods you would like us to see us implement? Please let us know! Find out more about the game by visiting our new ECO server page!
  5. Eco Game

    We are excited to announce that DRG has an ECO beta server up and running! In this survival game, you aren't the only one that you have to keep alive. As you build harvest and take resources from the environment, your actions will affect the world around you. Thus, as a community, you must analyze data from the environment on the impact you have on the world. Use this this data as evidence to propose laws, restricting harmful activities without disrupting the advancement of technology. Balance is key! Then, to keep everyone on their toes, there is a meteor that is threatening to smash into and change your world completely! Can you get our of the stone age in time to stop it without ruining the resources on the planet? That's what we will find out together! Come join us! Search: dadsrulegaming password: drgislove This server is in beta: server restarts, configuration changes and possible world wipes are possible. Make sure your are connected to our Discord for the most up to date announcements regarding the server.
  6. So was does a subscription give you on Safe Haven? We have two different subscriptions Member: Monthly subscription gives you complete access to the server. Explore, mine and craft to your heart's content! Claims: Find your plot of land that just speaks to you? Then claim it! Every player on the server is given 300 blocks to claim as their own. For every 24 hours of playtime on the server, you will get another 100 blocks up to 2,000 blocks! That’s enough area for a castle! Ecosystem: Our currency is the Dinar! When you subscribe, you automatically get Ⓓ850 Achievements: Over 60 achievements (and we are always adding more!) to earn on the server. That’s more ways to earn XP and Dinar! Go shopping! Shops have been set up in Spawn Village where you can buy that diamond armor set that has been alluding your mining efforts! Set your home: Not only will you have a bed where you can respawn at, but you can set a home location to teleport to at anytime! Just type /home into chat and you will be home! Back command: When you die, you can get right back into the fight! Typing /back into chat will teleport you back to where you were when you died. You can gather up your stuff and finish that which killed you! The End: The End resets so that you can go fight dragons! Fun statistics: Browse and view our managers to view all of your stats from the server. Things such as deaths, blocks placed, and more. PLUS! Being a member gets you into higher prize tears when giveaways happen! VIP on Minecraft: Everything from Members have Warps: Access to select warps! Typing /rtp in chat will teleport you across the map to a random location so that you can begin exploring new, untouched lands! Farms: We have worked very hard to create beautiful XP farms that are available to VIPs! Skeleton, Ender, Zombie, Spider, Blaze, and Guardian farms Larger Claims: 2000 blocks are given when you first sign up as a VIP! Continue to earn more blocks per time on the server! Enter rich: When you get VIP, you get Ⓓ700/month PLUS! Being a VIP will be automatically entered into giveaways happening at DRG.
  7. We are excited to announce our discord server is up and running! How do you get there? Simply head to this link: https://discord.gg/5aZbMXx
  8. Minecraft Introduction

    For those of you who have never played or interacted with Minecraft, I wanted to put together a little video to show you the very basics of the game. You get dropped in a world with many resources and blocks to build whatever you can think of. But you have to survive and gain resources! Think of this as a virtual Lego game with new twists and turns. :-)
  9. Gaming Glossary

    Hello there! Getting familiar with terms within the world of gaming can be a bit daunting. In fact, it can be scary. We, Dads Rule Gaming, thought of that, and want to help you get a head start. Hear or read a term you don't know what it means? Search for it here! We are always updating this glossary. If you hear a term you don't know, and you can't find it here, send us a note! We will gladly help you out! AFK: Away from keyboard. Generally said through a chat to mean they are leaving their computer momentary. Bot: a computer generated action can be referred to as a bot. When you sign up for our site, a bot sent you a confirmation email. No human was used in the process. Capitalizing all words: On the web, this is considered yelling. Client side: A term referring to your own personal computer. If someone says, "This is something you need to update client side" it means that a file on your personal computer is in need of updating. Crafting: A game mechanic that allows the player-character to construct game items. Farming: Repeating a battle, quest, or other part ofr a game in order to receive either experience point, game money, or specific reward items that can be gained through the battle or quest. See grinding. FPS: An abbreviation for first-person shooter; or an abbreviation for frames per second. Frame Rate: A measure of the rendering speed of a video game's graphics, typically in frames per second. GG: An abbreviation for "Good Game" Grief: A player who does things in a game to deliberately cause annoyance ("grief" in the sense of "giving someone grief") for their own enjoyment. Examples include half-killing on purpose, constant suicides, and targeting specific players. This is a bannable offense. Grinding: Performing a repetitive and time-consuming action in a video game before being able to advance. Noob: (can also be spelled n00b) Referring to a "new" player. Or someone who does something that resembles a new player who doesn't know what they are doing. "Johnny, did you just starve to death in the game?" "Yes" "What a noob." Raging: Getting extremely mad and upset. Often includes doing something stupid or irrational (destroying someone's or your own items in game, smashing your keyboard, headphones, or screaming either in voice chat or in text) RPG: Role Playing Game Server balance: Teams are unbalanced. (More players on one team than the other.) Usually a bot will shuffle teams for a better balance. Server: A machine that runs programs. This could be games, websites, forums, etc. Spamming: Repeatedly posting or sending the same or near same text to get attention. TL;DR: Abbreviation for "Too Long; Don't Read" It usually follows a very langthy post, while usually offering a one paragraph explaining the jist of the article. Trolling: "as it related to the internet, is the deliberate act of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument." In other words, its being annoying for annoying sake.
  10. In order for all users to equally enjoy the server together, DRG has created the following set of rules that all must follow: #1 Rule - Be Kind to others. No attacking or willful killing of any players. Even if they are friends, this server is not a pvp server. We are all here for adventure, not hurting others. No stealing items from others. However, if you leave something out away from your secure base, be aware that it might not be there when you come back. DRG is not responsible for your property if it has not been stored within your secure area, or if you have given permissions to others to use your area. No raging. Just as you can be expected to be removed from a public area if you throw a fit in real life, so too here If we find someone of any age raging, they will be given a warning. If it persists, temporary bans will be given. No hacking or attempt to circumvent the rules or limits within game. Be respectful of others. Respect others just as you would want them to respect you. Just like the #1 rule. No spawn camping: For Minecraft, if can see the spawn building, you are too close to start building your home. Go out and explore! There is so much to see! No griefing
  11. Minecraft

    Log on today!! Minecraft is a great place for your children to explore. Not only is there adventure, but it is a game that is waiting for the creativity of your child’s mind. Sure, single player mode is fun, but how many adventurers do you know who went at it alone? But… allowing your child to head out on an adventure with strangers has never been a good idea, and in this age, it’s a downright scary thought. Dads Rule Gaming (DRG) was created with the passion of two gamers who have grown up, become dads, and want to create a safe place for children and families to strike out and find their own adventure. This is a survival server. Death by many different means and the loss of items is expected. We also expect you to pick up and begin again. Monthly subscriptions help offset the cost of maintaining servers and equipment along with us admining the server.
  12. Who is Dads Rule Gaming?

    Dads Rule Gaming … a safe, fun and family-oriented place for children and families to play games in a community-oriented setting. Ten or twenty years ago, playing games on the computer was looked down at as a complete waste of time. Hours of time spent in front of a computer with nothing but a high level to how for it. That perception is quickly changing as it is those kids that spent hours and days at the computer, playing games and tinkering with their computers are the up and coming tech leaders. But parents are keenly aware that setting boundaries and maintaining schedules are two essential ingredients to a positive childhood (not to mention parenting) experience. Often, in gaming both of those ingredients fall by the wayside. An hour of gaming quickly becomes three, and interacting in a world where a you are anonymous carries the propensity to not follow common decency and respect of others. With today's technology, the Dads at Dads Rule Gaming tackled these concerns. We wanted to see the next generation rise up to be able to use their computer, play quality games that push the imagination and creativity while maintaining the structure that you the parent want for them. What to restrict a child's play on the server to a limited number of time? Or set only specific hours in a day when your child can log in? We can do that. We have a set of "bad words" we do not allow on the forums or servers. Do you want to be notified when your child attempts to use them? We also take security of your children seriously. So we monitor chat throughout the day. Bullying and harassment aren't tolerated. In addition to our monitoring services, we have a place where a parent or child can report another player. We will investigate, watch and take any action we deem best to maintain a healthy community. The dads of DRG and moderators (mods) are always approchable for questions or concerns. The best way for quick interaction is on our Discord server. Click here to join our Discord Don't have a Discord account? No problem! Its super easy, and you don't even need to download anything to use it.
  13. Who is emttim?

    Well, hello there! My name is Timothy, but you can call me emttim. I am one of the founders of Dads Rule Gaming. This began with the realization that though there are many gaming communities out there, there was none that was created to be a kid-friendly, game space whose goal was to give peace of mind to parents that someone was monitoring their children's interactions while also putting power back into the hands of parents to watch over and regulate their children's gaming time. Gaming has been apart of my life now for over a decade. But beyond gaming (In Real Life, or IRL, as its referred) I am a husband, father and paramedic. After an injury brought my paramedic career to an early halt, I want back to college and now, among many things, do physical threat assessment and safety consulting. Creating environments where safety allows others to blossom with their lives is a passion on mine. I believe that safety is the bedrock of liberating the mind to work at its full potential. When growing up, the internet was just starting to take off. I remember my folks bringing home our first computer. The first game I ever played was Willie the Worm. Gaming communities weren't really a thing yet - neither were many websites - and chat rooms were the scariest frontier a parent didn't want their child going near. After all, I was home schooled, as my parents wanted to have a greater hand in my growing years. And I have to say, they did a pretty good job. (I mean, just look at me. ;-) ) But the caution that guided me parents had ramifications. Good things that could have happened didn't due not finding places where they could monitor the situation. Now that the digital age has matured, that is possible now, and we at Dads Rule Gaming want to give the parents the tools to monitor their children's interactions. Between myself and Paronity, we look forward to meeting new people and learning how to improve on our vision of opening up gaming for the next generation.
  14. In order for all users to equally enjoy the server together, DRG has created the following set of rules that all must follow: #1 Rule - Be Kind to others. No raging. Just as you can be expected to be removed from a public area if you throw a fit in real life, so too here If we find someone of any age raging, they will be given a warning. If it persists, temporary bans will be given. Be respectful of others. Respect others just as you would want them to respect you. Just like the #1 rule. No tolerance for swearing, the posting of offensive content, bullying, or harassment of any kind. Do not spam the forums. This includes advertising your personal youtube/twitch channels. For your own safety, please refrain from posting any personal information on the forums. (e.g., full name, address, phone number, etc.) No Sharing or distributing copyrighted content. Refrain from trolling. Remember, respect others. Rules can be changed or modified at any time. Please check back regularly for any updates.

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