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What's on the Safe Haven Minecraft Server?

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So was does a subscription give you on Safe Haven? 

We have two different subscriptions 


  • Monthly subscription gives you complete access to the server. Explore, mine and craft to your heart's content!
  • Claims: Find your plot of land that just speaks to you? Then claim it! Every player on the server is given 300 blocks to claim as their own. For every 24 hours of playtime on the server, you will get another 100 blocks up to 2,000 blocks! That’s enough area for a castle!
  • Ecosystem: Our currency is the Dinar! When you subscribe, you automatically get 850
  • Achievements: Over 60 achievements (and we are always adding more!) to earn on the server. That’s more ways to earn XP and Dinar!
  • Go shopping! Shops have been set up in Spawn Village where you can buy that diamond armor set that has been alluding your mining efforts! 
  • Set your home: Not only will you have a bed where you can respawn at, but you can set a home location to teleport to at anytime! Just type /home into chat and you will be home!
  • Back command: When you die, you can get right back into the fight! Typing /back into chat will teleport you back to where you were when you died. You can gather up your stuff and finish that which killed you!
  • The End: The End resets so that you can go fight dragons!
  • Fun statistics: Browse and view our managers to view all of your stats from the server. Things such as deaths, blocks placed, and more. 
  • PLUS! Being a member gets you into higher prize tears when giveaways happen!

VIP on Minecraft:

  • Everything from Members have
  • Warps: Access to select warps! Typing /rtp in chat will teleport you across the map to a random location so that you can begin exploring new, untouched lands!
  • Farms: We have worked very hard to create beautiful XP farms that are available to VIPs! Skeleton, Ender, Zombie, Spider, Blaze, and Guardian farms
  • Larger Claims: 2000 blocks are given when you first sign up as a VIP! Continue to earn more blocks per time on the server!
  • Enter rich: When you get VIP, you get 700/month
  • PLUS! Being a VIP will be automatically entered into giveaways happening at DRG.

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